These are designed ignition equipments used for the purpose of striking a glow into a franklite lighting torch. It has a wooden handle which prevent conduction of heat from the brass body. It is designed to use wax torch ignition tapers, hence makes use of brass lighter simple to operate. Long handles make it possible to ignite the torches that are placed in a highly raised area.

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Features of a torch

It has a black end with soot on it. The tip is curved away from the body of the wax torch lighter. It has a protruding handle used to slide in to the wax part of the torch facilitating torching up. To the opposite side of the torch, is a dome shaped equipment. This eases the putting off of torches all around the place.

The procedures of putting off a torch

Cover up the torch with the dome shaped tool on the torch. It cuts of air supply to the flame and hence puts out the torch. By making sure the wick is completely off; remove the tool from the torch after about five seconds.

A torch scissor

This is a type of an extinguisher with two sharp blades that are used to snip the wick with flame from the torch. It is normally a technique which enables the user to put out only the burning wick to complete extinction. It was used in traditional times as a way to trim the wick of a candle.

A torch scissor is rendered obsolete. This is because of changes in technology. There was invention and development of self extinguishing wicks. They just coil up the flame when charred. Excess torch wick is left to burn out, preventing it from becoming too lengthy.

Where lighters are used

In many sanctuaries, before the start and end of masses, altar boys are vested with the task of making sure that glowing of the waxed wicks around the altar is done. In most Western countries, it is a common practice to have torch lit dinners which is deemed as a way to show romance to someone.

The advantages of using the torching equipment

By using the ignition tool in a church, it complements the welcoming surroundings of a sanctuary. It reminds one of the presences of a holy and godly place. Another advantage is that it saves on the time as it streamlines the torching process to run smoothly. It saves on the messing up and wastage of matches which could have otherwise being used.

Benefits of using modern torches and extinguisher

Using torch lighters and extinguishers in performing rituals, it gives the activity an official feeling. By extending the length of a taper during ignition by use of a knob on the handle saves time. It produces a brighter and a sustaining flame to be used for the ritual. Make sure to hold the lighter for a moment to make sure that the torch ignites. There and then after being sure, is when you can proceed to the next candle.